• Pause for a moment

    My kids are out of school this week. We spend a lot more time at home just like it was 2020. Nico had a fever at first, then me, then Yuji, then Jasmine. Unfortunately, our whole family got sick this week, so we had to cancel our plans.

    Our cold was super painful, I can’t stop coughing, and my head’s killing me. But I’m over the worst of it, I think. Our fever went down but coughing still a lot. After all, I love to stay home and relax. I’ve been busy lately, so in many ways it was a nice break.

  • Best wishes

    I made diaper cake for Becky. She loves Japan, so made one with Totoro. Hope she likes it👌

    May you and your baby enjoy a world full of love. Enjoy every moment.

  • Japanese festival

    Japanese festival

    I was a member of the steering committee for the school festival. The day before, we decorated the whole place and I was HQ for each game area that day. It was really hot and sunny day and really hard to stay outside all day.

    2nd grade

    It was exhausting and hard work, but good experience to be involved in the management of a successful event. I feel very accomplished and proud of all the hard work we have done up to today, including the three weeks of preparation. Above all, I am happiest when I see my daughter happy face.

  • Turning point of my life.

    Turning point of my life.

    Mother’s day weekend was so wonderful and I thought that nothing would ever change. My kids have really grown up. I went to the park where I came to 4 years ago on Mother’s day.

    I really have an irreplaceable time. Everyday with my kids is full of moments that I want to keep firmly in my heart. My days are filled with emotions and changes I don’t want miss.

    Me and my kids are stronger than ever, so it’s time to move on. It’s time to make changes in our life as we grow up.

    We laughed all day and had a great time with delicious food and cocktail. Many happy Moms were enjoying their Mother’s day meal at the restaurant yesterday. This bracelet is Jasmine’s handmade Mother’s day gift!

    Good luck to our new life!!

  • Mom’s day + Kid’s day = Love

    Mom’s day + Kid’s day = Love

    I’ve been happy since my birthday. The things my kids made for me at school warmed my heart.

    Nothing is more important to me than my kids.

    Just being warm and comfortable makes me so so happy. I truly believe my kids are the cutest in the world!!

    Peach blooms in my garden have bloomed!! How wonderful. I felt the strength of the plants and trees when I saw the sage and herbs in my garden that had survived the winter growing back again. “Spring : a lovely remember of how beautiful change can be” That’s absolutely right.

    After school, I found a bird’s nest in the dirt with three chicks inside. I thought It’s not safe. If we don’t do something, school kids will step on them and chicks will be in danger. I was at a loss for what to do, and Alissa offered to take chicks home. Sadly, one of the weaker chick died the next day. I hope the other two grow up fine. Alissa occasionally update me on chicks status. She has a kind heart. But jasmine was a little frustrated that we didn’t take chicks home. She wanted to bring home chicks because her desire to own an animal is growing by the day. Maybe it’s time to seriously consider getting a dog.

  • 11th anniversary

    11th anniversary

    5.5 2022. 11th wedding Anniversary.

    We went out on an unplanned date, just like when we were young. First, we went for brunch and to see the cherry blossoms.

    I hadn’t seen cherry blossoms since I lived in Japan, 11 years in fact. When I was taking photo of cherry blossoms, a black guy asked me why Asian people come to see and take picture. This guy was wondering why so many Asian people come here lately. I told him that we Japanese people want to see cherry blossoms when spring comes. It’s the same as a cider mill when fall comes for Michigander. We just come here to feel the spring!

    We had a leisurely chat at a cafe and decided where we would go today, depending on our mood. Then we spent time at the botanical garden and art museum. It was really the first time I had been on a date since before we had children.

    I was able to discover my favorite painters and reconfirm my favorite painting touches and historical background. I have always loved Monet and Van Gogh, of course, but I learned about American and Italy painters. It was a very meaningful day. We hope to create many more days filled with learning, love and growth together. Happy 11th anniversary!!

  • My recent activity

    My recent activity

    How I see myself means everything. this is my recent feelings. artwork 04/2022

    Recently crocheted shopping bag. 04/2022

    I volunteer at my kids’ school roughly twice a week to help set up for school festival. I’m making a lots of supplies, buy what we need and helping paperworks. I feel nostalgic, remembering my school days in japan.

    Jasmine is very excited about it, I hope the festival is a success!

  • My birthday

    My birthday

    I had a great my birthday week!

    We got new Jeep!! Welcome to my house❤

    Jeep gladiator 2022

    It was my birthday gift. THIS is what I wanted! I’m really excited and feel like getting in the car and leaving everything behind.

    Kids also love it!
    We got a duck and it’s called Jeep Ducking.

    Our first Jeep ducking was my friend (it must be her!!)😂😍 Thank you🥰🥰

    Lovely gifts

    I got lovely gifts from my friends. They are so kind, sweet and very thoughtful about other people’s feelings. Id like to live in a manner that doesn’t disappoint my friends and grow stronger!On my 36th birthday, I have a few resolutions. One of them is to study English hard, then read lots of English novels and write story book in English. I know it’s very difficult for my skill at the moment so I decided to go to school this year. I’m a bit nervous about taking up English class. I haven’t studied English in the past 7years so I might be a bit rusty. I think I should start again from the beginning. When I lived in Colorado 7 years ago, I was speaking English more then now live in Michigan. Im going to register for school this week! There’s no point in even thinking about it. The only thing I can do is move forward.

    These lovely things made by Jasmine
    Her homework

    Jasmine motivate me to do my best. I believe in myself!

  • New logo

    That is how I have been recently.